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Winter Skin Saviours

It’s that time of year where we swap iced coffees for warm lattes and summer shorts for thermals; it’s winter in Melbourne! At the ANSC we have exactly what you need to hibernate this season and protect your skin against the plummeting temperature and freezing wind! 


Winter wreaking havoc on your skin? Frosty winds and toasty office heaters leaving you high and dry? Fear not, for our all-natural, vegan, palm oil-free Dry Skin Cleaner is here to rescue your face from the icy grip of dehydration! It's like a cosy winter blanket for your skin, shielding it from the cold and keeping it perfectly moisturized throughout the chilly season!


Get ready to keep your skin feeling as smooth and silky as freshly fallen snow this winter! Our Pink Clay is a heavenly gift from the planet, known for its purity and soothing properties. It's not just your average clay—it's a multi-action superstar that moonlights as a makeup remover, deep cleanser, and exfoliator, all in one. Alternatively you could try out our Lavender experience, complete with delicate buds that gently exfoliate your skin, revealing its radiant glow. As you wash away the day's stresses, let your body unwind in the soothing embrace of this winter oasis.


Seasonal changes got your skin feeling dull? Say hello to the ultimate glow-getter! Our super sumptuous exfoliating mitt. Its perfect-for-pampering texture gently exfoliates, leaving your skin revitalized. Simply add a splash of water and pair it with our all-natural Seaweed Cleanser bar for a refreshing cleanse that will have your skin radiating with a natural glow. 


Embrace the winter season's call for hibernation and indulge in the bliss of aromatic luxury. Allow our Lavender pamper pack to transport you to a world of lavender wonders, creating a truly exquisite aromatherapy spa-like experience. Revel in the soothing essence as it nourishes and pampers your skin, leaving it beautifully smooth. Surrender to moments of pure tranquillity and bliss-filled calm.

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