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Why all brands need to do more than just offer recyclable plastic packaging.

Why all brands need to do more than just offer recyclable plastic packaging.

Because the truth is most will still end up in landfill.

So you're at the supermarket and you pick up two plastic bottles of shampoo. One tells you the packaging is made from 100% recyclable plastic. The other says nothing.
You put the first in your shopping trolley because you think you are doing the right thing for the environment, right?
Well, I hate to break it to you - the one you have chosen has an 87% chance of ending up in exactly the same place as the second when you are done with it - landfill.
That's right, only 13% of plastic used in this country will ever be recycled. A dismal 1% is recycled twice. The reality is recycling plastic is really hard.
One of the biggest issues is that we consume so many different types of plastics on any given day. And often that plastic bottle that you put in your recycling bin when you finish with it comprises of several different types of plastic that cannot be melted down together. For it to ever have a chance of being recycled, someone usually has to manually pull it apart. Even the smallest amount of the wrong type of plastic can degrade the quality of the whole batch when it is recycled. What this means is only very few products can be made from recycled plastics at the moment such as park benches or plastic toys.
It also doesn't help that it is much cheaper to just make a brand new bit of plastic than recycle used plastic.
This is why I personally find it a form of greenwashing when a brand markets its plastic packaging as using recyclable materials. Some of these brands may have the best intentions but I liken it to someone giving you $1 and saying you can buy a car with it... the truth is that you need tens of thousands more of those dollar coins for that car to be a reality!
It's why most experts in the field believe the only way that we are truly going to be able to win the war on plastic waste is to just stop using plastic where we can as much as possible.
So the next time you see the "recyclable" claim, I really hope this helps with your decision making.
Soapy hugs,
Emma xx

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