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Try these bulk buy tips in 2024

Try these bulk buy tips in 2024

Bulk Buy Now for a Greener Tomorrow

In our quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, it's so important to start thinking beyond the obvious when it comes to buying earth friendly options.
That's why I thought I'd put together my top five tips when it comes to buying in bulk. Bulk buy options not only help reduce your plastic packaging but5 it can also save you money so it really is a win win situation.

Buy your whole foods in bulk:

Many stores and markets now offer a bulk foods section where you can purchase items like grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits without the excess packaging. By bringing your own reusable containers and buying in bulk, you can significantly reduce the amount of plastic and paper packaging that accompanies traditional grocery shopping. This not only cuts down on waste but also allows you to buy the exact quantity you need, reducing food waste at home.

Bulk Seeds for Guerrilla Gardening:

Living in inner-city Melbourne, I've recently embraced guerrilla gardening - inspired by some of my neighbours. So what is it? Basically buy your seeds in bulk and spread the love beyond your garden. Buying seeds in bulk allows you to scatter them in unexpected urban spaces, turning neglected areas into vibrant green pockets. Native flowers, herbs, and even small vegetables can thrive in unexpected locations, transforming urban landscapes and promoting biodiversity.
Sustainable Suds: Bulk Buying Soap for Cleansing and Cleaning:
Ok, so this one is a bit of self-promotion but it really will save you money and reduce plastic waste significantly. Whether for personal hygiene or household cleaning, opting for sustainable soap in bulk minimises plastic waste and harmful chemicals. A well-formulated bar of soap pampers your skin but also contributes to a healthier planet.
Upcycled Fashion or in Bulk: Elevate Your Style Sustainably: Bulk Buy Sustainable Fashion:
If we could all make one change that will help reduce plastic in our lives in 2024, for me it would be for all of us to stop buying plastic fashion! Polyester and most other synthetic materials are all the same thing - plastic. opt instead for natural fobres such as cotton, wool and linen. From upcycled designs to clothing made from eco-friendly materials, purchasing in bulk supports a more responsible and conscious approach to fashion. Build a wardrobe that reflects your commitment to sustainability, one bulk purchase at a time. It also means that you won't suddenly feel the impusle to give into fast fashion because you just need that little something to wear to an event.
Rag Revolution: Bulk Buy Material for Sustainable Household Rags:
I was horrified the day that I learnt most of those cleaning sponges, clothes etc that you buy at the supermarket are all plastic. The day after, I switched all that I had to good old fashioned rags like the ones my parents and grandparents used to use. Now I have technically never had to buy rags because I have been able to always use some old piece of clothing that is at the end of its life. But the concept is the same - spend a day piling up your rags for a year's supply and you will never be tempted to buy those plastic cleaning cloths ever again.

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