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The Plastic Sneak Peek: Exposing Hidden Plastics in Your Everyday Life

The Plastic Sneak Peek: Exposing Hidden Plastics in Your Everyday Life
I am often so surprised by how little most people know about the materials that they are using around the house. One thing that often shocks people is all the hidden plastics lurking in their homes so I thought this week we could dive into the world of hidden plastics in our households. You might be familiar with the stat that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.
But did you know that there's certain products around the house that are contributing hugely to the amount of plastic being washed down our sinks every day.and spill the tea on tea bags, clothing, microbeads, cleaning cloths, and the latest addition—laundry cleaning sheets.

Tea Bags: More Than Meets the Eye

Picture this: you're enjoying a cup of tea, thinking it's a serene moment for both you and the planet. Surprise! Some tea bags are slyly hiding a layer of plastic to keep them intact. Opt for loose-leaf tea or find plastic-free tea bags for a guilt-free brew that won't contribute to the plastic party.

Fashion's Plastic Secret: Microfibres in Your Threads

Your clothes might be shedding more than just style. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon release tiny plastic particles, aka microfibres, into our waterways during each wash. Add some natural fibres to your wardrobe or snag a microfibre filter for your washing machine to keep those hidden plastics in check.

Beauty's Tiny Trouble: Microbeads in Your Scrubs

Who doesn't love a good scrub? But watch out for those microbeads! Found in exfoliating scrubs and toothpaste, these tiny plastic particles are environmental mischief-makers. Check those labels for polyethylene or polypropylene, and swap out the plastic beads for natural exfoliant alternatives such as what we use - seaweed, pumice and lavender buds.

Cleaning Up the Act: Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre cloths are stellar for cleaning, but did you know they're shedding tiny plastic fibres with every swipe? Fear not! Choose natural fibre cleaning cloths or grab reusable ones made from eco-friendly materials to keep our water systems pristine.

Laundry Cleaning Sheets: The Latest Culprit

Now, let's talk about the newest member of the hidden plastic squad—laundry cleaning sheets. Most of these sheets come dressed in a plastic coating, adding to the laundry list of environmental concerns. Look out for plastic-free alternatives such as our soap flakes, which really are a game changer for your wash.
There you have it, eco-warriors! The not-so-obvious plastic villains hiding in plain sight. Let's stay vigilant, make those eco-friendly swaps, and collectively give hidden plastics the boot!

Soapy hugs,

Emma xx

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