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Out with the old, in with the new!

Trusted for nearly 10 years, our natural soaps are still built on the principle that nature knows best when it comes to nourishing and sustaining healthy, beautiful skin.
  • Made in Australia from at least 95% Australian ingredients
  • 80% premium plant oil for daily hydration, nourishment & improved skin health
  • 100% steam distilled essential oil for pure aromatherapy
  • Recyclable or compostable packaging with great green credentials

To help you find the new look of your favourite natural soaps use the guide below.

Same great soap - now with a new look!


Still proudly produced with pure premium Olive oil direct from Australian olive groves across the country. Nothing more, nothing less.

Shop Olive Castile Soap here

Also now available in a 500ml Hand & Body Wash

We've reformulated this everyday super-bar, now supercharged with Eucalyptus sourced from Tassie foliage forests.

Shop Eucalyptus Soap here.

Also reformulated in the 500ml Hand & Body Wash. 

Still your favourite unmistakable scent-sation that gently exfoliates to buff away dryness, leaving skin fresh and smooth. 

Shop Peppermint & Pumice here.

One of our most favourite Australian aromatic experiences — zesty, invigorating Lemon Myrtle thoughtfully gathered from Dainggatti, Gumbainnggir and Bundjalung lands. 

Shop Lemon Myrtle Soap here. 

Still available in the 500ml refillable Hand & Body Wash.

No need to stress, our Lavender soap is here to stay! But it has been redeveloped to include real hand-picked Lavender from Tasmanian vistas.
Also redeveloped in the 500ml Hand & Body Wash. 
To shop the entire Hand & Body range, including NEW Geranium Soap and Patchouli Soap click here.


The same incredible Australia Pink Clay that makes this cleansing bar lusciously pink and that detoxifies and brightens your skin. 

Shop Pink Clay Detoxifying Cleanser here.

Magnesium and sea salt may not be the first ingredients that spring to mind when you consider beauty bars but this long time customer favourite will change that! 

Shop our Magnesium Salt Detoxifying Cleanser here.

Still made from pure Australian Avocado and Macadamia plant oils. A true superfood nourishing treatment for your face.

Shop our Dry Skin Facial Cleanser here.

Our Activated Charcoal Cleanser has been reformulated with the power of Tea Tree with awesome antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties — an absolute game-changer for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin.

Shop Oily Skin Facial Cleanser here.

Developed especially for sensitive skin types, this antibacterial fusion of natural oils and Zinc will help soothe dry, irritated and flaky skin. 

Shop Sensitive Skin Cleanser here.

To find the full Skin Care range, including our new mineral-rich Seaweed Detoxifying Cleanser, click here.


Trusted by those keen to tame their mane. Whether you want to style, groom or shampoo your beard, stop the itch or reduce the beardruff, this deep cleansing beard shampoo is for you.
Shop Beard Shampoo here.

The same nourishing blend of ultra-lubricating Australian plant oils, pure essential oils and vitamins to help maintain healthy, hydrated skin and give you a fine lustrous lather for the perfect shave. Shop Shaving Bar here. 

To find the full Self Care range, including your favourite luxury grooming kits, click here




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