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5 Ways To Convert A Soap Dodger

Soap dodgers. Whether you are one, you know one or you are trying to raise one… We get it. After switching over to all natural skin care, the thought of using commercial products makes us cringe! More often than not they dry out your skin and cause uncomfortable irritation. Soap is one the worst culprits - so it’s no wonder that people are trying to dodge it! That's why we've compiled our top 5 Ways To Convert A Soap Dodger.

We often hear from customers that their children don’t like washing with soap (you’re not alone!) so we thought we would write up some helpful suggestions for you on how to convert them to the clean team!

  1. Buying all natural soap. Using all-natural ingredients on your skin is like sending irritation on a permanent vacation and turning your skincare routine into a joy ride—for you and Mother Earth! And, if your kiddo is all about being a earth friendly shopper, they'll be thrilled to know that they're also lending a hand to an awesome cause like The Orangutan Project. Double the fun, double the impact!
  2. Fun scents and colours. Get ready for a thrilling sensory journey! Our selection boasts an exciting range of scents and vibrant colors that will make your shower time an unforgettable experience. Indulge in the delicious aromas including Lemon Myrtle, Peppermint & Pumice, Geranium - each crafted with pure essential oils, free from skin-irritating artificial fragrances. Immerse yourself in the hues of our Pink Clay Soap, naturally coloured with clay and infused with a lemongrass scent or the magic of our Black Charcoal and Tea Tree Oily Skin Cleanser! It's the secret to achieving balanced, oil-free skin.
  3. Let your kids inner soap detective shine: Together with your little ones, embark on a thrilling browsing adventure through our website. Let them be the soap detectives, searching for the most colourful soap or the scent that makes their noses dance with joy. Once they've cracked the case and made their selection, the anticipation will build as they eagerly await their sudsy treasure's arrival in the mail. It's like receiving a secret package from soap headquarters!
  4. Liquid soap to the rescue: For those who fear the slippery dance of soap bars, we present the ultimate solution—liquid soap! Simply pour it into your hands or let it flow onto a cloth or loofah, and voila—a luxurious lather awaits. Our collection boasts seven types of liquid soaps, each with its own delightful scent. Whether you crave the invigorating freshness of Lemon Myrtle or the calming embrace of Eucalyptus, we've all got your lather needs covered. And for those who prefer a scent-free experience, our beloved Olive Castile soap wash is here to save the day!
  5. The world needs great men . Do you have a budding hero at home, teetering on the edge of teenage glory? Our Man Care Bundle is the ultimate weapon in the battle against soap-dodging woes. Unleash the power of Magnesium Salt, Oily Skin Cleanser & Our Beard Shampoo, whether you have a beard or not (we won't tell!). It's a secret combo of face and body cleansers that will prepare them for the amazing journey of adolescence. 

We believe everyone can become a soap lover if they just try the right soap. Bathing should be a good experience, we do it every day, after all! So let’s help those soap dodgers find their happy place in the shower 

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