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Why do we believe that natural plant oils are the best things to use on the skin?


We often receive inquiries about why we firmly believe in the effectiveness of natural plant oils for skincare. I can relate to the initial skepticism, as I too had concerns about using oils on my skin. The thought of it sounding counterintuitive, leading to oiliness and potential breakouts, crossed my mind. However, I can assure you that the reality is quite different. 

It's crucial to understand the distinction between mineral oils, derived from petroleum, and the plant oils we incorporate into our products. Mineral oils commonly found in skincare act as a barrier on the skin's surface, creating an oily sensation and hindering absorption.  

Conversely, the plant oils we carefully select closely resemble the skin's natural oils. They possess the incredible ability to be readily absorbed, while providing an abundance of minerals and vitamins that nourish and enhance skin health.

At our core, we believe in treating the skin as a living organ deserving of gentle care and respect. In a time where we prioritize consuming healthy, unprocessed, and natural foods, it's only fitting to extend the same principles to our skincare choices. After all, shouldn't we be mindful of what we apply to our bodies?

Since transitioning to using natural plant oils and eliminating chemical-laden products, I've witnessed a remarkable transformation in my own skin. Irritation that had persisted since my teenage years has finally subsided, and my complexion appears more vibrant than ever before.

It's evident that there's something truly special about embracing this natural skincare approach. I encourage you to give it a chance and witness the remarkable vitality and radiance it can bring to your skin.

Let's nurture our skin with mindfulness and the magic of nature!

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