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New Year Cleanse – Not just for your Liver!

We've all been there, hearing those familiar New Year's resolutions about eating healthier, getting fit, and prioritizing well-being—especially after indulging in decadent feasts and festive drinks during the holiday season! While these goals are fantastic, they often overlook the importance of taking care of our largest and most absorbent organ: Our Skin!


During our lives we experiment with so many health and beauty products in an attempt to find what works best for our skin, and also because clever marketing and media always have us wanting the next best thing in our ever growing collection.

Now, I’d like to tell you that there’s no harm in trying them all. Unfortunately, though, commercial products are often filled with synthetic ingredients that are not absorbed through the skin and simply sit on the surface to create a nice look without properly hydrating & improving the skin long term.

Think about how many beauty products you expose yourself to every day. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizer, deodorant, makeup, hair products… Have you looked at their ingredient labels? Do you know what all of those things are? No? Me neither. And I’m not so sure that I want to know!

So, How does this sound for a New Years resolution: I want to reduce the amount of chemicals I put on my Skin? 

Fortunately, it is easier than some would think! There are more and more brands coming out now that offer all natural alternatives to commercial beauty products, including us! You will mostly find them stocked in health food stores and of course, that brilliant place, the World Wide Web. Start with looking for the products you use on large parts of your skin, like body wash and moisturizer. Gradually, you can replace everything in your bathroom with safer alternatives and start living chemical free!

Always do your own research. Start reading articles and blogs about this topic and see what others have to say on the matter.  The results of various studies suggest strong cause to avoid the nasties and get back to nature! Also don’t forget to really understand the environmental impacts of the product you chose. Palm oil, for example, is something that is used in many natural products, but its environmental impact is immense.


Fortunately, we've got you covered for most of your skincare needs! And guess what? We even care about the clothing you wear against your skin, so we've got home care products too!

Without further ado, here are my top five products to kickstart your year with a splash of fun and embrace a natural, skin-happy lifestyle:


1. Lavender liquid hand & body washGet ready to embark on a logical and fun-filled journey with our Lavender Hand & Body Wash! This remarkable product combines the power of logic and the joy of indulgence. With each pump, you'll be greeted by the fabulous floral aroma of lavender oil, known for its logical therapeutic properties. Imagine yourself in a steamy shower, where the logical benefits of lavender transport you to a tranquil corner of a vibrant cottage garden.


2. Olive Castile Soap BarIndulge in the wonders of our Olive Castile Soap, meticulously crafted from premium, cold-pressed olive oil... and that's it! Nothing else is added to this pure and fragrance-free soap, which has been adorning our skin with cleanliness, softness, and suppleness for over 800 years. It's truly remarkable how the simplest beauty product imaginable can work wonders for your skin.

3. Soap FlakesMade from off-cuts of our pure plant-based natural soaps starring in your bathroom. You’ll never get the same scent twice. Sometimes luscious lavender, possibly peppy peppermint, maybe zesty lemon myrtle. What you’ll always get is eco-friendly, multi-action soap-flakes. Gentle on laundry and super-effective for everyday cleaning jobs. Nothing goes to waste.

4. Pink Clay Cleanser Bar
Prepare yourself for a delightful treat that will leave you beaming with joy and walking with a spring in your step. While Pink Clay skincare is all the rage these days, did you know that Queen Cleopatra herself set the trend way back in 80 BC? She was a firm believer in its magical properties for restoring youthful and radiant skin.

5. Original Shampoo BarNo matter your hair type, this lovable bar will become your hair's best friend. Get ready for a cuteness overload as you experience the magic of our Original Solid Shampoo Bar, making every hair day a cute and fabulous one!

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