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Beyond the lingo: How to decipher your skincare’s contents and avoid the dirty dozen


Hello, skincare enthusiasts! Let's have a heartfelt conversation about those labels that proudly display words like "organic," "natural," "eco," and "chemical-free." But here's the thing: how often do we take a moment to truly understand the ingredients list and see if those claims hold up? 

It's important to know exactly what goes into the products you use, as it helps you make informed decisions about how they can benefit or possibly harm your skin. But let's be honest, diving into the nitty-gritty of labels can sometimes make you feel like you need a chemistry degree just to grasp what's inside that seemingly sensational skincare solution.

Fear not, my friend! We're here to make things easier and sprinkle some kindness into your skincare routine. We genuinely believe that the best results come from products crafted with a small number of pure, high-quality, and effective ingredients.

When you take a moment to read our labels, you'll discover something truly special. We keep it simple and honest with plant-derived ingredients, nothing more and nothing less. Every element that goes into our skincare treasures comes from the bountiful wonders of Australian nature. You can feel, see, touch, taste, and even smell the goodness in every bottle. It's a thoughtful process, where each ingredient is carefully hand-harvested and expertly crafted from source to your beautiful skin.

So let's bid farewell to Google rabbit holes and setting out on quests to uncover the "dirty dozen" chemicals that are best avoided in skincare. With us, it's all about embracing your inner skincare sleuth with kindness and curiosity. You might just stumble upon delightful surprises along the way.


4 things to look for on a skincare ingredients list: 

1. Long lists alert 

A long list doesn’t mean a fancier, better product. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. The ingredients list should tell you how much of each ingredient is in the skincare, listed from highest concentration to lowest. 

Be wary of products with high chemical compound concentrations coupled with a pinch of plant product. 

We only ever use up to 3 natural ingredients to give you the glow:

  1.  Plant oils

  2.  Essential oils

  3.  Vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts

Find out how these three natural ingredients can help make you a healthier, happier human.

2. “I spy.... something natural?”

Take a moment to scan the list - can you spot the natural wonders amidst the rest?

Let me give you a hint: keep an eye out for plant oils, essential oils, and herbal extracts. These gifts from nature are the key to providing your skin with luscious nourishment and a generous dose of hydration, all accompanied by a soothing touch of tranquillity.

When it comes to ingredients, we wholeheartedly trust in the power of nature. That's why our products are exclusively crafted with natural goodness. No exceptions. We've carefully selected ingredients that offer a myriad of benefits, including antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and the delightful aromatherapeutic experience that nature provides. It's a winning formula, every single time.

3. Say ‘see-ya’ to synthetics and ‘hello’ to natural nourishers 

Don’t stop if you find some natural ingredients? Keep reading the list... 

Not all skincare products are natural or chemical free, even if the label says so. Some contain synthetics - parabens, sulfates and fragrances that can irritate your skin and strip its natural oils. We’re guessing that’s not the result you’re after.

Besides being capable of making your skin suffer, synthetic ingredients may contain chemicals that can harm our beautiful mother earth.

You’ll never find any nasties in our products. We work on the purity principle that Mother Earth needs no help to produce all the natural, earthy goodness you need to take care of your skin.

4. Be date sensitive 

Before you go ahead and slather on that skincare you bought on a special deal or discovered in the depths of your cupboard, let's take a moment to consider something important: the expiration date. Using products that have passed their prime can be less effective and potentially harmful to your skin.

It's time to bid farewell to the old and embrace the new.


Together, let's make a positive impact, one skincare choice at a time!

The next time you're tempted to grab that alluring, natural soap bar from the supermarket, take a moment to turn it over and examine its ingredients. Because if that seemingly luscious product is packed with unpronounceable substances and numbered additives, chances are nature didn't have much of a hand in its creation.

Let's make choices that prioritize simplicity and transparency. Seek out products with ingredients you can trust, so that you can nourish your skin while honouring the beauty of nature.

So, it's time to treat your skin with kindness and care. Say goodbye to expired products and embrace the goodness of fresh, thoughtfully-crafted skincare. Your skin deserves it, and our planet does too. 

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