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Take a dive into the world of soaps

Take a dive into the world of soaps


Welcome, soap enthusiasts, get ready for a wild ride as we take you on a tour of our amazing array of soap products that are not only fun but also kind to your skin and the environment!

We've carefully curated our soap line-up to embrace the power of nature, harnessing its purest elements to create products that leave your skin and day to day glowing and refreshed. Dry skin? Our hydrating superheroes will quench its thirst with botanical goodness. Sensitive areas? Our gentle giants will soothe and comfort, leaving you feeling pampered and protected. And the best part? Every single one of our soaps is proudly vegan, so you can enjoy their benefits with a clear conscience.

Using our soap products isn't just about cleansing—it's a joyful celebration of all things Skincare, Household cleaning and Sustainability!


Hand & Body Soaps 

Lather up in your hands or as an all over body wash, indulge in a fragrant foam symphony from the natural essential oils such as Lemon Myrtle, Olive Oil or Lavender. Rinse away feeling refreshed with happy smooth skin. To help keep the long life of your bar why not also try keeping it in a Soap Savers


Hand & Body Liquid Soap 

Just dispense a small amount, mix with water, and lather away on your hands, body, or face (avoiding the eyes). Let the enchanting plant oils work their magic. With its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way, ensuring lasting happiness with each use! for help lathering up your skin in the shower we also  recommend using our 100% organic Shower Puffs 


Our Facial Cleansers 

Wet your skin and grab our facial cleanser bar. Rub it on your hands to create a lather or boldly swipe it directly on your face. Embrace the circular motions—clockwise, counter clockwise, or even in zigzags. It's all about the joyous massage that makes your skin sing. Rinse off, revel in the refreshed feeling, and pat dry.


Shaving Soap

Dampen your skin and let the shaving magic commence. Glide our soap directly onto wet skin and feel the rich lather form, ready to embrace your razor. Also suitable for shaving brush enthusiasts.


Beard Shampoo

 Attention, all beard connoisseurs! Wet your majestic beard and behold the power of our soap. Lather it up and let the suds navigate through the bristles, Rinse and repeat if you so desire, for our natural shampoo bar knows how to tame even the wildest of beards. Just remember to keep it away from eyes.


Soap Flakes 

Dive into a world of versatile cleanliness with our magical Soap Flakes. Simply sprinkle a tablespoon into your washing load or sinkful of warm water, and let the cleaning unfold. Watch as stains surrender, and grime vanishes in the soapy sea. Dishwasher unfriendly but an absolute champion in the realm of cleanliness.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner 

Get ready to conquer grime and gunk with our extraordinary Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Swish it in hot water, Let it unleash its cleansing prowess on dishes or wipe away grease and grime from any surface. Remember, less is more—just a touch will make everything shine. Embrace the green bonus: no plastic bottles, reduced shipping costs, and a victory for the planet. It's cleaning with a conscience.

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