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How to use a soap saver

How to use a soap saver

So first things first what exactly is a soap saver? 

A soap saver is a nifty little bathroom accessory that works wonders in extending the lifespan of your beloved soap bars. Say goodbye to soggy soap bars resting on bathroom ledges! Soap savers come to the rescue by elevating your bars, allowing them to fully dry and stay in pristine condition.

How to use one in 4 easy steps:

  1. Pop your favourite soap inside.
  2. Pull drawstring tight & wet with water.
  3. Massage on the body to create a rich lather & gently exfoliate.
  4. Hang to dry.

Alternatively if you are finding your soap saver a bit too rough on the skin simply peel pack the saver to massage the soap on your face & body and fold back when finished to hang it up to dry.

Our top three reasons we love Soap Savers:

  1. They Increase Lather

If you've recently embraced the world of natural soap bars, you might have noticed that they don't always produce the same lather as conventional ones. That's because natural soaps are often free from harsh surfactants that strip away dirt and oil. But fret not! Enter the soap saver, your new best friend. As the bar glides against the bag, a marvellous alchemy occurs, creating a luxurious, bubbly lather akin to a body wash.

      2. Keep Your Soap Bar Dry

Soap savers help your bar last longer by keeping it off the ground. Our soap saver bags have a string attached so you can hang them up on your bathroom faucet or shower caddy to dry after use.

     3.They Save Your Left Over Soap

They come to the rescue by helping you save every precious bit of your soap. When your soap bar becomes too small to handle, simply toss the soap sliver into the bag alongside your new bar of soap. Over time, like magic, it will meld together, ensuring not a single bit goes to waste.



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