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Exciting News!

We have some very exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that we have been nominated for The 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards! Not just once… but SIX times.
The Australian Non-Toxic Awards celebrate products whose values are focussed on promoting social responsibility and non-toxicity.  These awards are based on 4 main principles;
Safe – containing only non-toxic ingredients and materials. Ethical – manufactured fairly using ethically-sourced ingredients & materials. Sustainable – produced ensuring long-term environmental quality for future generations. Responsible – beneficial to the welfare of local and global communities.  

Here’s a little about the products of ours which received a nomination!


Dish & Laundry Solid Soap 

Nomination Category: 1 - Dishwashing, 2 - Household Cleaning/Laundry


Our Dish and Laundry soap provides all the benefits of our natural soap flakes in a convenient soap block. and is able to be used on both clothes and dishes. So, it's no surprise that it received two nominations, across two separate categories! To create a multipurpose cleaning paste, simply mix it with some boiling water. Great for travelling, this bar of natural plant oil goodness is all you need for cleaning on the go. Made with 100% biodegradable ingredients and replaces plastic bottles, helping reduce waste.


Avocado Cleanser

Nomination Category:  Body Wash


The Avocado Cleaner is a great great face and body wash for dry and sensitive skin. It uses simply cold pressed, virgin Avocado oil from Queensland - nothing else. Avocado oil is incredible for adding a little more moisture to the skin. Whenever you are feeling like you have dry patches coming out, or are in need of a little boost during seasonal changes, Avocado Soap works to cleanse and moisturise at the same time.


Soap Flakes

Nomination Category: Household Cleaning/Laundry


Our all natural washing powder will leave your clothes smelling beautiful and fresh. It is biodegradable and grey water friendly and is suitable for both front and top lop loading washing machines. Use by adding one tablespoon to your wash load.


The ANSC Melbourne Cologne Grey

Nomination Category: Men's Personal Care


This incredible, traditional scent is a true staple here at ANSC. Made from a blend of tobacco, black pepper bergamot, bay leaf, nerolina, myrrh and benzoin oils. The pure essential oils used in our perfumes and colognes are ethically sourced within Australia and are much kinder to the skin than artificial fragrances. Not only that, our body heat helps to permeate the scent all day long. We use raw sugar alcohol instead of ethanol, to avoid any drying or toxic effects on the skin. Just spritz a little on your wrists, neck or even clothing to enjoy the long lasting, natural aroma.


Shaving Solid Soap

Nomination Category: Men's Personal Care


Made for both men and women, our shaving soap bar lathers up to allow for a perfect, clean shave. It combines coconut, grapeseed, and macadamia oils for a rich, conditioning lather.. Ginger, rosemary and rosewood oils sooth the skin, leaving it beautifully moisturised. Our Shaving soap is truly a centrepiece in our range of zero waste goods.

  For more information about The 2020 Australian Non-Toxic Awards, click here
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